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Welcome to BAZ Machinery (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

BAZ Machinery (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is producing on high tech equipment, high
precision mechanical lathing and milling parts and assembling complete solutions. By long term experience in the Chinese market we provide further more technical know how and support for our customers.



High precision for moving the world
We produce high precision parts for the automotive industry. Our well developed processes and our quality policy guarantees best quality products. Among our automotive customers are for example Berger and Mubea.


our network is our strength
With our widely spread supplier network we are set for offering you many manufacturing options. The bandwith of our own production possibilities will assure high quality products for your needs - even for small lot sizes. Among our general machinery customers are for example Sturm, Kampf and Trumpf.


technical progress for your advantage
Our technological expertise and process development result in innovative automation products according to your specifications. We are capable of offering complete system solutions and assemblies. Among our automation customers is for example Bilsing Automation. Besides we are the main agency for Gechter Press Systems in China.

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